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Due to the fact that the pattern of the surface of the SkyPad glass mousepad is burned inside, it has unique properties.
Skypad is much faster due to the lack of fibers! And compared to a regular soft mousepad, the SkyPad is more accurate, since the smooth surface allows the mouse to slide easily, but not fly off the mousepad at the moment of active play. Your mouse will move the way you want.

SkyPad 3.0 XL





SkyPAD Gaming is a Danish esports equipment brand founded in 2017.
The founder of SkyPAD Gaming is Kenneth Skriver. For more than 10 years of work in the field of electronics and gaming peripherals, he has acquired a deep knowledge of high-performance gaming equipment. Kenneth is also an active gamer himself, playing who knows how many hours in Counter Strike. You can still find him on deathmatch servers when he has free time from work.
In his youth, Kenneth played on a glass mouse pad, an innovative product for his time. And when he discovered that his favorite glass carpet had mysteriously disappeared from the market and from history itself, and meanwhile numerous fabric rugs without any distinguishable qualities filled the shelves, Kenneth was disappointed.
This sparked his passion for creating the best version of a glass mouse pad. From idea to action, he worked nonstop to bring his idea to life. Finally, in 2017, after many iterations and changes, the first SkyPAD was created. The 2.0 variant (a fan favorite) soon followed, which many enthusiasts called “The Best glasspad on the market.” 3.0 XL appeared later, receiving a lot of support from gamers around the world.
According to Techradar, in 2021 SkyPAD Gaming was awarded the title of “The Best Hard Mouse Pad in the World”.  All products are developed in close cooperation with gamers. The overall goal is for gamers to reach a new level of their skills.
Currently, SkyPAD is sold in more than 30 countries around the world.

SkyPad 3.0 XL | WTL

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Which countries do you ship to?

We deliver our products to Turkey, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Israel.

What is the shipping time?

Between 3 to 20 working days depending on local customs rules!

Didnt get a tracking code?

Don’t worry, first check your spam folder. If you still haven’t received the code from the delivery service, please contact us

Sometimes it may take several days to receive a tracking code for a parcel. You will receive it as soon as the delivery service receives the parcel from us.

Why should I buy a glass mousepad?

Because of a burned pattern into the glass, this mousepad is more precise than a normal soft pad. It’s also faster since there are no fibers in glass! The mousepad is also extremely easy to clean, no need to worry about spilling drinks or food on your mousepad anymore.

How do I keep my SkyPAD clean?

You can use a regular window cleaner, or buy the SkyPAD Cleaning Kitt!

Does Glassfeets work on Glasspads?

Glassfeets will wear down the pad. So dont use Glassfeets on SkyPADs.
Use only soft feets, like original or PTFE feets.

I’ve scratched my SkyPAD, will it affect the glide?

If the pad is stratched on the backside, it wont affect your glide or precision. Just a pain visual, you can try cover it with a pen or tape on backside.

Is the SkyPAD a speed or control pad?

If we had to give a concrete answer, it would definitely be considered a speed pad. However, the holes burned into the glass also gives you control, so you will get the best of both worlds. 80% Speed, 20% Control!

How durable is the SkyPAD?

See for yourself! SkyPAD vs Boardzy !

I wanna return the SkyPAD!

No problem, the SkyPAD must be returned in its original box, without damage to the product or box, so that we can sell it again.

You make the return of the parcel yourself. You are solely responsible for the returned goods!

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