Mar 13, 2022

We ship all orders from our warehouse in Denmark by road. Before delivery, the goods arrive at the customs office of your country for customs procedures.
We try to deliver parcels within 10 to 21 days from the moment the parcel is sent from our warehouse in Denmark.
All international cross-border purchases, regardless of their cost, go through the customs clearance procedure.
In connection with the above, after placing an order, a letter will be sent to the e-mail specified by you in the order from our Authorized operator, who is directly involved in the delivery of goods, will contact you to obtain the necessary data for the execution of customs procedures.
The buyer guarantees that he is familiar with the rules for importing cross-border purchases into his country and is fully responsible for their violation in accordance with applicable law.
Paying for the Goods when making an international cross-border purchase on our website, the Buyer enters into an Offer Agreement with an Authorized Operator for the purpose of delivery, declaration of goods sent by international mail, and, if necessary, payment of customs duties in respect of such goods.
important! Your parcel will not leave the customs warehouse until you provide the necessary information.
important! When placing an order, the buyer must enter data about the person whose information will be provided to our Authorized operator, customs broker or customs representative.
We are not responsible for incorrectly submitted information by you.
Customs clearance takes approximately 1-4 days, depending on when exactly you, as an order formulator, will provide all the necessary information.
After customs clearance, the parcel is released by customs.
If the parcel exceeds the duty-free limit, it is necessary to pay customs duty. The amount of customs duties and other customs duties is determined by the customs representatives of your country.
If your parcel has exceeded the duty-free import threshold, you will be contacted by our Authorized Operator directly involved in the delivery process of the goods, who will instruct you on further actions.
The parcel will not be released by Customs until you pay the required fee.
After the customs clearance procedure, the parcel will be released by customs for subsequent delivery.
We are not responsible for your fulfillment of obligations to provide personal data to customs representatives, payment of customs duties, declaration of goods
and other procedures related to the import of cross-border purchases into your country, if necessary, as well as for the fulfillment by the Authorized Operator of its obligations to you in accordance with the Offer Agreement, as well as for the processing of your customs payment and processing of data provided by you to the Authorized Operator.
We are not responsible for sudden changes in legislation, customs procedures or customs duties in case you have to pay any taxes or fees not specified above.