SkyPad (or we) – for the purposes of this agreement, SkyPad means CIS Tradeways registered in the Kingdom of Denmark, company registration number DK34894590, registration address: 6 Transportbuen St., 7400 Herning, Kingdom of Denmark or its affiliates providing operational support and management of the online store ( )
Products – products available for purchase in the online store
Buyer (or “you”) – user, an individual who has performed the following tasks: purchase of goods to be delivered to the country you specified when placing the order.
Authorized operator-companies involved in the delivery of goods.
Website– a website or its subdomains owned by CIS Tradeways.


SkyPad operates in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act and the provisions of remote contracts.
When you interact with us (make purchases in our online store, open access to our services or our websites), these terms and conditions apply. This means that when you make purchases in our online store, you agree to all the terms and conditions described below. This is important information for both you and us, because it indicates what we can expect from each other. To learn more, you can also take a look at our FAQ section. Also, if you need anything else, you can contact us by email – we are always happy to communicate with you!


To make purchases in our online store, you must::
– be over 16 years old;
– have a credit or debit card that we accept;
– have the right to use this credit or debit card.
The buyer is responsible for violating this provision in accordance with the current legislation.
SkyPad does not accept any responsibility for the buyer’s actions that violate this provision.


By paying for the product, thereby arranging its delivery, for the purposes of fulfilling contracts with you, the buyer grants SkyPad the right to collect data and transfer it to an authorized operator. SkyPad is not responsible for processing the data that you provide to an authorized operator.
This data includes your name, email address, mailing address, delivery address (if it differs from the mailing address), phone number, and payment information.
We collect personal data only when it concerns our business activities and customer interaction with SkyPad.
When collecting, processing and using your personal data, we strictly comply with all the provisions of the current legislation.
We store our clients ‘ personal data only as long as we are bound by legal obligations with our clients, or as long as they correspond to the purpose for which they were collected.
SkyPad may collect and process customers ‘ personal data in the following cases::

when the client visits our website.
when purchasing our products.
when creating a client account.
when subscribing to our newsletter.
when registering on our website.
when the client sends questions, complaints, or feedback to our address.

Means for collecting, processing and using personal data of customers entered through the website, located at:

6 Transportbuen Street
7400 Herning, Denmark
+ 45 46 922 013

If we receive appropriate consent from the client during the registration process or on our website, we have the right to use the email address to send the newsletter. You can subscribe to receive the newsletter at any time. The newsletter also contains an active link required to cancel your subscription. The processing of personal data is carried out with your consent, so you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time.
If you do not want to provide the personal data required to purchase the product, you will unfortunately not be able to purchase the product in our online store.
Your personal information (except for your email address, if you have agreed to use it when sending News) will be deleted (1 year) after you make a purchase in our online store.
We do not sell or transfer your personal data to third parties who are not involved in the process of executing contracts with you.
For the purpose of executing contracts, you express your unconditional and unlimited consent to the processing (including collection, recording, systematization, analysis, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), withdrawal, use, distribution (including transfer, cross-border transfer), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction and other actions by automated, mechanical, manual or other means at the discretion of SkyPad) of your personal data (including Your Name, Username, Postal Address (s), contact number and / or email address) SkyPad and with the transfer of personal data for processing in a similar volume to logistics partners in order to fulfill the obligations under the contract of sale of goods, delivery of goods, its contractors, including the authorized operator, as well as processing in a similar volume of personal data of the buyer received by SkyPad from these persons, for the purposes of executing contracts with the buyer, and guarantee, that you have the right to provide similar consent to the processing of personal data in relation to third parties (purchase recipients) if you provide us with the personal data of such persons, and that you have obtained the consent of such third parties (purchase recipients) to provide us with their personal data for the specified purposes. The buyer is liable for a violation of this provision in accordance with the applicable law.


After you confirm placing an order on our website, you will receive a written confirmation of the order to the email address specified at the time of purchase. We accept your order for execution only if the payment is accepted by the payment system used by us.
We reserve the right to refuse the customer a purchase (in very rare cases, we may need to cancel your order, cancel it, close or block your account (even if we have previously confirmed your order) – for example, in cases where we think that something strange is happening to the order or account). If this happens to you and you think that we made a mistake, please do not be offended – contact our support team, we will be happy to discuss it with you.
You can’t change or cancel a confirmed order yourself. If you still need to make any changes or cancel them, please contact us by email as soon as possible so that we can make all the necessary corrections.
We will not be able to change or cancel the order if the parcel has already left our warehouse in Denmark at the time of your request.
We are not responsible for incorrect information provided by you.
If the product is not in stock or other unforeseen circumstances prevent the order from being completed, our support team will contact you as soon as possible.
Don’t worry if you have any problems with your order, we are always in touch with our favorite customers.


In our online store we use the pensopay secure payment system. This is a payment system that operates with the highest level of security and is certified by the PCI Security Standards Board.
We accept payments by credit or debit cards (VISA, VISA Electron, Master Card, Eurocard). Money is debited from the customer’s account only after the order is confirmed by us. All payments with our company are made in euros at the rate set by the ECB at the time of payment.
If you wish, you can choose a different currency: US dollar, Russian Ruble, Ukrainian Hryvnia or other currency that is convenient for you. However, the displayed price will be informative and may differ slightly from the amount debited from your bank card. This may be due to the difference in the exchange rate of the bank currency of your card and the exchange rate of the ECB currency. We also reserve the right to change prices due to unforeseen circumstances and factors independent of us. Such changes can be made while the product is in the shopping cart. We advise you to double-check the cost of goods before paying for the order.


We send all orders by road. Before delivery, the goods arrive at your country’s customs warehouse for local customs procedures. Delivery time is 2-8 days depending on destination and local customs procedures. Delivery times are only estimated and not guaranteed.

All international cross-border purchases, regardless of their value, are subject to customs clearance in accordance with local laws and regulations.
The buyer guarantees that he is familiar with the rules for importing cross-border purchases into his country and is fully responsible for their violation in accordance with the current legislation.
By paying for the goods when making an international cross-border purchase, the buyer enters into an offer agreement with an authorized operator for the purpose of delivery, declaring the goods sent in international mail, and, if necessary, paying customs duties on such goods.
Our authorized operator responsible for the delivery of goods to your country will contact you to get the necessary data to perform customs procedures.
SkyPad does not accept any responsibility for your fulfillment of obligations to provide personal data to customs representatives, payment of customs duties, declaration of goods and other procedures related to the import of cross-border purchases into your country, if necessary, as well as for the Fulfillment by the authorized delivery operator of its obligations to you in accordance with the Offer Agreement.
In accordance with these Terms and conditions, in order to fulfill contracts with you, you grant SkyPad the right to transmit to the authorized delivery operator information about the number and date of your order, as well as the amount of payment to be paid in accordance with the requirements of the legislation, in connection with the declaration of goods and payment of customs duties. SkyPad is not responsible for the processing of your customs payment, as well as for the processing of data that you provide to an authorized delivery operator.


We understand that sometimes the product you receive may not meet your expectations and you want to get a refund.
SkyPad operates in accordance with the provisions of remote agreements. This means that you, as a customer, have the right to return the product within 14 days, which begins from the date of receipt of the product without any reason. To make a refund you need to write to our support service to get further instructions. All returned items must be sent to us in their original condition, with all labels, stickers and original packaging. If you send the product back to us for a refund, we will issue a refund for the returned product using your original payment method. The buyer delivers the goods returned to our warehouse at their own expense. We try to issue all refunds within 14 days of receiving the product. We do not accept refunds after the above deadlines have expired. The returned items remain under your responsibility until they are received by us in Denmark. Be sure to pack the product as securely as possible so that nothing is damaged on the way! Because the parcel with a refund is your responsibility until we receive it. We strongly recommend that you keep a postal receipt as proof of making a refund. All items are checked in stock upon return. If the item is returned in poor condition, we may decide not to refund you or reduce the amount of money returned to reflect the decrease in the value of the item.
Return of an erroneous or low-quality product.
If you have received the wrong product that you ordered, a low-quality or damaged product, please contact us immediately by email and describe the problem that occurred. When we receive complaints or complaints about low-quality or damaged goods, we act in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Rights Act. In the claim please let us know the following:

– Your order number
– Name and code of the defective product
– Description of the marriage
– Photo of the defect
– Description of the error.

In this case, we will refund your money, including delivery, as soon as we receive and process it in stock.
If you still want to receive this product and it is in stock, you can place a new order on the site as usual. If we notice something unusual in your return dynamics that seems suspicious to us, we may decide to deactivate your account. If this happens to you and you think it was a mistake, please contact our support team. If your account has been blocked and you need to make a refund, please contact us by email

Return address:
6 Transportbuen Street
7400 Herning, Denmark
+ 45 46 922 013


When receiving claims or complaints about low-quality or damaged goods, SkyPad acts in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Rights Act. In accordance with the law” on consumer rights protection”, if you purchase low-quality goods, you have the right to file a claim with the seller regarding the quality of the goods within two years after the purchase regarding defects that were present during the purchase of the goods.
If we are unable to resolve the situation to please you, you can leave a complaint on the website of the European Commission by clicking on the following link:


We do not exclude the possibility of errors in the content of web pages and in the prices of the online store.
If you find any in the order, we will contact you immediately.
We have the right to edit, terminate or modify any part of the site (including terms and conditions) at any time.
These terms and conditions, as well as our agreement with you, are subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Denmark and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Danish courts.
By tagging us in your social media posts or using our branded hashtags in them you agree to the following:
Facebook Instagram, Facebook, instagram, instagram, facebook, instagram, facebook, instagram, facebook, instagram, facebook, etc.
– We may edit, crop, improve or modify your message, including its text part (these actions will never be intended to humiliate or insult)
– You agree that other social media users may share your content.
At the same time, you confirm that:
you have permission for all rights involved in the content;
you have the right to give us permission to use publications;
If you (or anyone else mentioned in the post) ask us to remove a post from the content of our social networks that in any way compromises you or carries any destructive force for you, we will do so immediately. This action is only possible in accounts that belong to us or that we can control.


In some cases, you may need to contact us. Please do not hesitate to contact our support team. We are always happy to communicate with you and will make every effort to resolve any issues that arise while using our services.

Our contacts:
CIS Tradeways
6 Transportbuen Street
7400 Herning, Denmark
+ 45 46 922 013


These Terms and conditions are subject to change without any special notice, and the new version of the terms and Conditions comes into force from the moment it is posted on the Internet at the following address (, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the terms and Conditions. The current version of the terms and conditions is always available on the page at